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Our history

The first Antique Dealers Fair of Saint Méloir des Ondes was organized July 20th 1974. Mr VANNIER, a local antique dealer, tried to bring together about thirty exhibitors in one place.


Over the years, under the responsability of the events comittee, with Mr René BERNARD who was the president at that time, the Fair became bigger. The stands in tents and outisde, on a 10 000 m² square, could welcome the growing number of exhibitors and visitors.


This fair was considered like the celebration of the town with clowns, performing dogs, fire eaters and antique dealers.


In 1990, the events comittee's president Mr Michel MATHURIN, brought his professional touch. The Fair was flourishing considerably with a 10 000 m² surface and more than 160 exhibitors, and then got a national recognition.


In 1997, a small tornado destroyed several stands and people under the tents had quite a fright. For security reasons, Mr René-Claude TURCAS, the president of the association organising the fair, Arts Antiquités Loisirs, decided to move the Fair in the sports hall, on the other side of the town of Saint Méloir. A big change !


The site, named later « Vallée Verte » ("Green Valley") has two big rooms of approximatively 1 600 m², two tents of 400 m² and 3 000 m² outside offering to exhibitors a safe place and items of a higher quality.


Certified "Antiques Fair" by the SNCAO-GA* trade union, visitors can receive precious advices from two experts on site, free of charge thanks to the "Arts Antiquités Loisirs" association.


Today, in the "Vallée Verte" site, the covered area has 3 rooms with more than 2 000m² of exhibition space, 86 stands inside and 18 stands outside on a 1 500 m² area, allowing exhibitors to sale high quality items in perfect safe conditions.


  • SNCAO-GA : National Union of Antiques and Second hand furniture
salon antiquaires
salon antiquaires
salon antiquaires
salon antiquaires